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Emotionally powerful and ultimately uplifting, this film follows the travails of Pennsylvania minister Frank Schaefer, who gets into trouble with the United Methodist Church when he officiates the wedding of his gay son. Director Scott Sheppard presents a lovely portrait of a family and sensitively explores the concerns of a mainstream church struggling to deal with cultural shifts. It’s compelling from beginning to end."

The story drew national attention and resulted in a massive trial for the faith leader that eventually led to his "refrocking" -- but not without an immense amount of controversy throughout the whole ordeal.

Now, a film documenting Schaefer's journey called An Act Of Love is being released and the public will be able to see Schaefer's story in full for the first time."

James Michael Nichols

'The United Methodist Church is the second largest protestant denomination in the country and it’s still sharply divided on the issues of accepting the LGBT community,' said Manning. 'Although we have made strides in the LGBT community, for full equality, I do think that we still have a ways to go.' The team of “An Act of Love” plans to bridge that distance by presenting a story with which everyone can relate."

Beatrice Verhoeven

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