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Host a Screening in Your Community!


We’ve partnered with Tugg, a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings of An Act of Love in theaters and community venues across the country. You choose the date, time, and venue.


This is a fantastic opportunity to engage your community in a dialogue about religion and LGBTQ issues. Events can be used as fundraisers and can include audience discussions.


There are three ways to host a screening: in a local theater, in a community center, church or campus with Tugg, or by purchasing a screening license directly from the filmmakers. Check to see if there are any screenings currently scheduled for your area, or sign up to organize a screening for your community. If you have any questions about Tugg screenings, please contact: support@tugginc.com

1. Purchasing a Screening License Individually or with the Official DVD


Do you already own An Act of Love on DVD or Digital HD? Are you planning on purchasing An Act of Love on DVD? Then this is the option for you! You can purchase a screening license directly from the filmmakers. 

If you already own the film, you may purchase a one-time screening license separately. If you do not own the film, you can buy the official DVD + a screening license. We also offer Annual Licenses, which allow you to publicly screen the film as many times as you like over the course of a year.

Email us for a custom quote. Tell us:

  • Your organization's name

  • City/State

  • Desired screening date(s)

  • Approximately how many people you expect to attend the screening

  • If you'd like to purchase the DVD or if you already own it (Bluray is not for sale)

  • If you'd like a one-time screening license or an Annual License

2. How to Book a Screening in a Community Center, Church, or Campus with Tugg

With this option, you'll need to return the DVD or Bluray disk to Tugg after the screening. If you already own An Act of Love on DVD or Digital HD, or you would like to own the DVD, see Option 1 above.

Step 1: Click here to visit our Community Screenings page at Tugg.com


Step 2: Select the media type that you'll play the film on. Bluray and DVD options are available.


Step 3: Select the event type. Here are the options:


Single Screening Rental - Free Admission - Choose this option for a community center or church screening in which admission is free and tickets will not be sold. This allows for one screening, and the Bluray or DVD will need to be returned to Tugg after the screening. Free-will offerings or donations may be collected to cover the cost of hosting the event.


Single Screening Rental - Charge for Admission - Choose this option for a community center or church screening in which tickets will be sold. This allows for one screening, and the Bluray or DVD will need to be returned to Tugg after the screening.


Single Screening Rental - Educational (University) - Choose this option for a college or university campus screening. This allows for one screening, and the Bluray or DVD will need to be returned to Tugg after the screening.


Step 4: Select the room size (capacity) of the venue. If you don't expect to fill up the venue, you can select the number you expect to attend the screening. For example: if the venue seats 500 but you only expect 200 people to attend the screening, you can choose the 121-250 option. Pricing is based on the honor system, so please only select the lowest option if you expect 40 people or fewer to attend. (Please note: prices subject to change)


Step 5: Click Add to Cart.


Step 6: Enter the date of the screening and location. Click Checkout. 


Step 7: Login or create a Tugg.com account. Enter your billing information, and you're on your way! Tugg will deliver the media in time for the screening.


Step 8: PROMOTE! Let others in the community know about the screening. Contact local churches, campus groups, or chapters of organizations like PFLAG and invite them. Create a Facebook event page and invite friends and colleagues.

Download our Community Screening Promoter Toolkit, including flyer templates, film stills, social media templates, and email templates. 


Download the Screening Toolkit and Discussion Guide from Reconciling Ministries Network's It's Time campaign. You can also ask us if someone featured in the film lives in your area. We'll contact them and see if they're available for a Q&A!


Please note: if you belong to a church or non-profit organization and cannot afford the screening fee, please email us and we'll see if we can work something out. Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to see the film! 

3. How to Book a Screening in a Theater with Tugg


Click here and fill out the Tugg Event Request Form.


Download our Theatrical Screening Promoter Toolkit which includes step-by-step instructions on setting up a screening in a movie theater, film stills, social media templates, and other helpful hints on making it a success!