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Make an End of the Year Tax-Deductible Donation to An Act of Love

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Considering the current relevance of this story to both the United Methodist Church and the national conversation on LGBTQ rights, we wish to complete this film in as short of a timeframe as possible to take advantage of the attention this issue is currently receiving.


In order to complete the film in time for the major festival deadlines in early 2015, and to be prepared for distributor deliverables and outreach costs needed for a successful festival run, we need to raise additional funds before the end of the year.


Donations made towards the completion of the film through our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association, are tax-deductible.

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About the Film

Rev. Frank Schaefer was a United Methodist minister in a small Pennsylvania town until he was put on trial in the Church for officiating the same-sex wedding of his eldest son. Schaefer was given a choice - vow to never again preside over a same-sex wedding, or lose his credentials as a minister. Frank knew that he could make no such promise, as three of his four children are gay. After giving him 30 days to reconsider his stance on same-sex marriage, the United Methodist Church officially defrocked Rev. Schaefer in December 2013. An Act of Love follows Frank, his family, and the continuing struggle over LGBTQ inclusion in the United Methodist Church.


To read more about the film visit our full website here.


For more information on making a contribution towards the film, please contact Producer Kate Logan at



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